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“Add better assets to the portfolio at the right time.”

- Ralph J. Duffie,
Founder of
The Duffie Companies

Duffie History

A strong foundation is as critical to building a structure as it is to building a business, and at Duffie, that foundation is built on stability, honesty, and trust. Add to that, their comprehensive market knowledge, along with a focus on maintaining long term relationships, and it's easy to see why the firm has earned a rock-solid reputation in the real estate industry.

The family business began in 1953, when Commander Ralph J. Duffie returned to Washington, D.C. after serving in the Navy, and started building homes to meet the burgeoning demand. Through hard work, fair dealings and a strong dedication to the community, Ralph built a company based on trust and loyalty.

Following his father's example, Jonathan Duffie joined the business in the early 1960s after his own service in the Navy. Starting in construction, and working his way up to project manager and now president, Jon helped Ralph build the company by choosing projects carefully and concentrating on their core strengths. The third generation of Duffies, Jeremy, Jon and Justin, are now part of the firm as well, and are continuing to build upon their grandfather's legacy. Today, Duffie is a multifaceted development company involved in residential and commercial real estate development, management and brokerage. They take great pride in their projects and people, which is evidenced by the longevity of their employees and professional relationships, many spanning several decades.

1701 Elton Road Silver Spring, MD 20903